Rebecca Schmidt joined the Vive el Sueño team in 2016 and is in charge of our Administrative duties, Accounting, Social Media, Website Copy Writing and Creative Director and Community Outreach.  She offers 1 on 1 social media sessions with the participants to help them to create social media plans and to set up online accounts to further advertise and promote their businesses. Rebecca is a Canadian living out her dreams in Costa Rica and brings with her expertise from many industries including sales & marketing, hospitality, tourism, social media, copy writing, parks and horticulture. She has great experience in the consulting for opening various businesses both in Canada and Costa Rica. Her love of helping those in need, technology, writing,  finding creative solutions and living a simpler and healthier lifestyle have interwoven as she works with Vive el Sueño to bridge the gap between the locals and foreigners in hopes of creating a greater sense of community.