Creaciones Yesi

Yisenia Rojas Bolaños was a participant in our first year of the Vive el Sueño Small Business Intensive workshops program that began in 2015. She is the owner of Creaciones Yesi, located in the Arenales neighborhood of Nosara, Costa Rica.  It is an office supply store offering printing, copying and laminating services as well as custom designed handmade piñatas, goodie bags, party supplies, centrepieces and so much more.

Yisenia has generously shared her experiences as well as some advice.

Vive el Sueño, gave me a knowledge base, guided me and accompanied me throughout the process. First, I looked at the needs of the people in my community and also at my own ability to carry and maintain a profit. Based on what I learned from Vive el Sueño, I decided to canvas all the hotels in the area to find out their office supply needs and made sure to stock these supplies. While opening a business is always a financial risk, I immediately started making a profit because I had done the research.  I’ve been fortunate to see a steady increase in my profits each month and have the budgeting skills to know how much to reinvest in the business. This program gave me ideas for running my own business as well as a lot of support with my marketing and advertising.

Since my participation in the Vive el Sueño program many things have changed. I built my business and improved my health, finances, family relationships and I, now have more confidence in my capabilities. This was what has motivated me and that still continues. To others dreaming of owning their own business for reasons such as prosperity, security and a healthier life; do not stop dreaming, fight for what you want without harming others and seek out new ideas because being unique will give you more results than using the same ideas as our neighbours. Also seek training because it may not be easy. There are many obstacles and we may stumble but we must be perseverant. Vive el Sueño was my greatest motivator and a great blessing in my life.

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