Do you remember Graciela López Alfaro and Ronald Campos Baltodano, owners El Caballo Chorotega Sushi and La Cocina de Graci in Nosara, Costa Rica?

They are graduates of the 2017 Vive el Sueño 40 hour Intensive Business training. They have taken full advantage of the Vive el Sueño program by using the logos created for them as well as the professional photos taken of them in action by our team members. They both also attend the English classes that are offered through the program as well as 1 on 1 Social Media sessions. Graciela and Ronald have also attended our community events and markets. Their businesses have grown and their dreams continue to unfold.

They are happy to share their latest success. They built an authentic Costa Rican rancho located in the San Pedro neighbourhood of Nosara (near the fiestas) for special events or private dinners with advance reservations. They are still available for catering in homes, retreats, special events and weddings and offer typical Costa Rican foods, specializing in meats, seafood, salads, vegan, gluten free options and sushi. They are happy to report that they have gained many new clients since participating in the Vive el Sueño program and credit the non profit organization for greatly aiding in their new found success. “We did not have a good source of advertising in our town and each time that we had a photo of our work taken at an event or catering gig that was posted on Facebook, the staff at Vive el Sueño would share it and comment on it,recommending and congratulating us to the people of our community. They have given us ongoing support with their recommendations and new courses and trainings. They helped us to lose the fear and to open a lot of new doors”.

Ronald and Graciela continue to pursue their dreams and to create new goals. When asked about what they consider success to be, they told us, “ Seeing a satisfied customer is a success for us.” You can contact Graciela and Ronald at 84052446 or 86959684,, or on Facebook El Caballo Chorotega Sushi and La Cocina de Graci to make a reservation today and help support their dreams.