Inés Guadalupe Rosales López is a graduate of the 2016 Vive el Sueño 2 week/40 hour Intensive Business Training. She is the owner of Queques y Repostería Nosara located past the soccer field and down the hill to the right in Nosara, Costa Rica. She is a talented baker and business woman who offers elaborate wedding cakes, birthday cakes, tea baskets, pastries, desserts, tres leche cakes, cheesecake, flan, sweet and salty snacks, tarts and more. Is your mouth watering yet?

Inés says that Vive el Sueño has been very helpful in growing her business and that it is the best thing that has ever happened to her. Since she took the business training her business grew by 50%. People became aware of her and her business and much of that growth was due to social media and the posts that the Vive el Sueño team members created. She feels that the non profit organization “is very helpful to the community and that all who have participated in this program are very happy and that their businesses have increased by 100%!”

After losing the majority of her belongings, appliances, baking and business necessities in the flood of October 2017, she has bounced back stronger than ever thanks to the support of the community. Her new goals for her business are to continue offering the best products and service and to create more products in order to obtain more customers and continue growing her business. .The definition of success to Inés is “to be able to obtain more income, be able to have a comfortable lifestyle, have her wishes fulfilled to be able to get ahead with my family.”

To place your order for cakes and desserts today contact Inés and Queques y Repostería Nosara at 8516 6069 8522 5971 or on Facebook at Queques y Repostería Nosara. Support her dreams and support the Nosara community!