Pura Vida ATV & Floristeria Ily

The following story has been shared by Ileana Patricia Aviles Mayorga, our Program Coordinator, a local business owner and a graduate of the first Vive el Sueño small business workshops in 2015 in Nosara, Costa Rica.

Everything began with a phone call that I made to Ethel Araya at the Nosara Civic Association. They were looking for representatives to promote a meeting with the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, the Municipality of Nicoya and the Ministry of Health. I agreed to help. From that moment on, I was helping and collaborating for the people of my community. There was a meeting at the Mala Noche Restaurant behind the gas station almost 3 years ago and 87 people attended. I gave myself the task of putting up posters in all the neighbouring communities and made phone calls to people that I knew had businesses but for whatever reason, had not been successful. After the meeting Christina Baal-Owens (founder of Vive el Sueño) contacted me and we met which is how I learned about the Vive el Sueño organization. I wanted to help her to find participants so that we could form a group and receive trainings on how to open and run a small business. I called several women in the community who I thought might be interested and they agreed to join. After attending the workshops that Vive el Sueño offered and being a part of the momentum it built, I decided to start a business and to fight for my dreams. I had worked hard helping others reach their dreams but had not yet pursued my own.

Vive el Sueño is part of my family. Today, almost 3 years later, I have 2 family businesses. My husband, my family and I run Pura Vida Nosara ATV Rentals, Racing Trips and Tours and also Floresteria Ily, a flower shop. I am still promoting Vive el Sueño but now I hold the role of Program Coordinator. Last year we had 26 participants graduate from 40 hours of workshops and most have opened or grown their own businesses. This year we have almost 50 local people interested in the program and many are attending the free monthly chats/workshops offered by community volunteers whom offer the secrets of their skillsets, business knowledge and experience. All of the participants are excited to see their dreams come true just like my family’s did.

Pura Vida ATV or Floristeria Ily contact mayorgaileana@gmail.com
2682-0283 or 86356326.