Vive El Sueño, based in Nosara, Costa Rica, is an educational and financial empowerment program that aims to give Costa Rican nationals (Ticos) the skills, mentorship, and tools to open and sustain their own small businesses as a path to improved standards of living and financial independence.

While the boom in tourism and land development appears to have brought significant improvements in the quality of life in Nosara, recently released research shows that 25% of families still live in poverty. As recently as 2011 as many as 48% of households in Nosara and Samara still lacked at least one basic need. Our belief is that small businesses provide a much needed path to financial empowerment.

Vive el Sueño’s Goals

Our Program

Vive el Sueño provides local Costa Ricans wanting to open or grow their own business a 2 week / 40 hour intensive business training with the teaching group, Yo Emprendedor. Topics include: Opportunities and Entrepreneurship, Presentation Abilities, Business Model, Finances & Negotiation, Legalization in Costa Rica, Business Operating Procedures, Marketing and Customer Service, Financing Options, Projections, Business Products and Services.

After graduating from the business trainings, our participants are offered 10 months of 2x weekly English classes with a TEFL certified instructor, social media coaching, a professional logo design, a professional photo shoot and ongoing support to help the participant with their business.

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